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They have paid a fortune in advance for 3 meals a day, it’s not free food. If they were not happy with what they got, online shopping is an option. They moaning because they have to live on this for 2 weeks, some people that were shielding had to live on these for 4 months.

Let’s go trojans shirt

Not all young people live on junk imagine for a second you’d paid for a hotel with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. You say you have a PGCE; I sincerely hope you’re more compassionate to your studentsLiz Read exactly they have to pay for food on top of hugh uni fees. It’s the basics for meeting a healthy diet, which is also important for mental health.

Let’s go trojans hoodie

Do t you think it’s important to eat decent food instead of taking the piss. They’re paying a lot of money for these meals, they should at least get some fruit. If you are paying to be locked up you get to complain if the food is bad.

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