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So sorry for the infringe on your privacy, it’s said that A picture is worth a thousand words, but when I saw yours it was more than words could explain. Hc_location=ufiTamara Hall Fuchs a. As a retired teacher, I’ve known kids as young a kindergarten that ‘self medicate’ drinking hand sanitizer.

Abortion Is Healthcare Feminist t-shirt

It’s just Rupert Murdoch and his usual casual use of the Australian govt to prop up his failing news empire. Probably a good idea because what they are getting for free at the moment is hardly factual, mostly biased, embellished or fabricated. And the news I get on Facebook is from links posted by the news org.

Abortion Is Healthcare Feminist t- hoodie

Its already being doneGoogle News gives me headlines, if I want to read the story I click on it and it takes me to the story on the news site that posted it. Maybe the state owned media providing news for free is impacting the profitability of media outlets in the country. All puff and huff, why would the elite class in the west give up the control to brain wash people.

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