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evidence from the study is “particularly worrisome,” Cardiff’s Sumner said, because even Covid-19 variants considered to be milder appear to have the same long-term consequences. In addition, “some of these disorders will continue to have delay in diagnosis and treatment with healthcare systems that are struggling to deal with both Covid infections and backlogs of patient waiting lists,” Sumner added. ‘The next public health disaster in the making’: Studies offer new pieces of long Covid puzzle That reality matches the clinical experience of doctors such as Friedberg, who has been treating long Covid patients since not long after the pandemic began. “I’ve got severe post-Covid (patients) from the ancestral strain from March 2020, and I’ve got the same in people who developed it a few months ago. So I think it can be equally severe with any of these variants,” he said. Yet Friedberg told there have been “zero public policy decisions” about what happens after Covid-19. “The idea that maybe there’s this terrible thing that’s happening that we won’t appreciate until months or years later isn’t being addressed adequately,” Friedberg said. “Say kids just can’t run as much as they used to, or have seizure disorders now, or adults just can’t handle as many tasks of work or have trouble caring for their kids at home because they’ve just got brain fog, they’ve got chronic shortness of breath. “If that starts happening to, let’s say, 5% of the population each time there’s a Covid wave, that starts to add up.” PAID CONTENT TikTok influencer dies following sky diving accident in Toronto U.S. Walk this number of steps each day to cut your risk of dementia Health Murdoch

Official Ptv store pierce the veil the jaws comfort shirt

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Official Ptv store pierce the veil the jaws comfort s hoodie

None of the UK’s top jobs is held by a White man for the first time. But British politics remains unequal, experts say By Rob Picheta, Updated 1548 GMT (2348 HKT) September 7, 2022 Prime Minister Liz Truss has appointed key ally Kwasi Karteng as chancellor. London ()New British Prime Minister Liz Truss has assembled the most ethnically diverse Cabinet in the United Kingdom’s history, with several top jobs given to Black and other minority ethnic lawmakers. For the first time ever, none of the holders of the country’s four so-called “Great Offices of State” — the prime minister, the chancellor and the home and foreign secretaries — is a White man. Kwasi Kwarteng, who will take charge of the UK’s dire economic situation as chancellor, was born in London after his parents migrated from Ghana in the 1960s; the mother of James Cleverly, the new foreign minister, came to the UK from Sierra Leone, while incoming Home Secretary Suella Braverman has Kenyan and Mauritian parents. No other G7 country can claim such diversity at the heart of government and it reflects a rapid rise in the number of minority ethnic politicians to the top tables of British politics in the past decade. But experts say this fact can obscure other prevalent inequalities in the UK’s political system. Critics fear the continuation of a series of divisive Conservative government policies towards refugees, asylum seekers and disadvantaged communities, and some have pointed to the class and educational backgrounds of the country’s new Cabinet as a symbol of Britain’s most defining political gulf. Liz Truss has a nightmare to-do list. Here are some of the biggest challenges she faces “It’s extremely significant and it’s an extraordinary rate of change,” Sunder Katwala, the director the the British Future think tank that focuses on issues of immigration, integration and national

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