The Walking Dead Abbey Road shirt
Sunflower paw dog you are my sunshine shirt
11 Tháng Hai, 2020
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The Walking Dead Abbey Road shirt

The Walking Dead Abbey Road shirt

I get confused when i hear the term “logistical break down” in a zombie apocalypse. Where is the draft? its a national emergency, you need soldiers a force to equal the armies of the dead. I’m sure people would volunteer in droves to protect their communities and families. What about the police? I’m sure they wouldn’t just flee, they live in those same cities. Those same towns with their families and friends. I seriously doubt they would wimp out and run. They would fight. Everyone would. I’m beating a dead horse here. But i hope you understand my point. A “ Logistical breakdown” sounds like it makes sense. But really doesn’t, manpower shouldn’t be an issue. There are plenty of guns, well stocked armories, hangers with tanks and trucks with plenty of fuel stashed close by.

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The Walking Dead Abbey Road shirt

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I’m not being positive here, I’m being realistic. If your home and family was going to be eaten alive and destroyed and you had no escape from those undead cannibals that are roaming around the streets and farms and buildings close by, wouldn’t you fight? You can’t run, there are too many of those bastards. You really gonna abandon your homes? Because the dead rise up? Or are you going to fight to defend what’s yours. I think people would choose the latter. Never underestimate people when they are backed against a corner, its human nature to react this way if our survival is threatened by a large imposing enemy. American history says that

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