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The day of the divorce hearing, I was the only husband divorcing his wife, all thr other cases had been brought by the wives. One such wife looked lije she’d be right at home as a cast member of a crossover series that combined “Jersey Shore” & the film “Clueless”. She had a tiny dog with her, tiny enough to fit in her purse. The poor thing was dressed up in this ridiculous looking outfit that looked so terrible it could be considered a form of animal cruelty. She spoke in a voice that makes Fran Drescher & Rosie Perez sound soft and angelic. Everything about this woman was tasteless. The tackiest thing I have seen in a court room is the way some witnesses dress. ( I work within the pervue of the juvenile court.) I have noticed that what some people may consider their best clothes, which may look good at the club, or on a date, are not what the court (the judge) would consider appropriate court attire. The last example of this that I noticed was a few weeks ago. This mother in a DFCS case, who was appearing in order to have her child returned to her was dressed in a pink track suit which showed a lot of cleavage and had the words “juicy angel” written across the posterior. She accessorized this look with a purple wig of very long hair, very long fingernails that were painted in a pink and purple tiger striped design, and very long eyelashes that were dusted with pink and purple glitter. The sad thing is that I think this mom was trying to look her best for court, and that this ensemble may have been costly according to her budget. However, this look does not translate to the court room My husband is a minister, and he told me he has noticed that now a lot of people dress for funerals where he is presiding as if they are going out on dates or to a club.

Santa Grinch Hat Teacher Christmas Shirt

Police officer that told e to carry the insurance card to court when he had the car towed was shocked as well as I was.. told me to sit outside in the hallway.. When he came out he said that he was sorry, the judge only dropped the fine by fifty bucks because he did not like my The Judge got the Bar Roster. Got the home phone number of the missing lawyer and called it. The wife answered. Judge asked for the lawyer. She said, “He is in the shower.” Judge said, “Tell him it is Judge XXX. We will wait.” She gets him out of the shower. He comes to the phone. Judge puts him on speaker and shames and embarrasses him. When my ex-wife & I got divorced, we did so without lawyers. It was, actually, about as amicable as you could get considering it’s a divorce and all. She left me in November 2001 and we were separated, though not “legally classified” as separated. We were living with our own respective parents and building new lives apart from one another. 2 1/2 years and a few attempts by me at reconciliation later, I realized we were done. Despite her adamantly saying she wanted a divorce, she couldn’t get her ass around to filing. So I filed. I wrote up an official decree including a parenting agreement, which we signed in the presence of a notary public.

Santa Grinch Hat Teacher Christmas Shirt Hoodie

Courts in England and Wales are much more formal than those in the USA, in my experience. No self-respecting defendant would attend court in other than smart clothes, unless he had been arrested and held in custody until produced. I think one of my tackiest experiences was when a man who had been ranting naked in the local library was brought in wearing only the blanket provided in the police station cells. His escorting officers had no small trouble making sure he did not throw the blanket off during the hearing, which was quite short and simply remanded him in custody for psychiatric examination. He was fully clothed when he came back 3 weeks later and was detained in a secure mental hospital indefinitely. In my naivety, my appointment was at 10.45 and I assumed that would be when I would go in so I didn’t bother to tell my work (my shift started at midday) that I may be late only for me not to be seen until 11.30.

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