Salary Survey: How Much Does Your Beauty Job Pay?

Do you work in the beauty industry — covering it, working for a brand or influencing your way to the top? If so, we want to know how much you make.

Every year, we conduct a survey of fashion industry professionals to find out and share what they earn. For the first time, we are also working on the beauty industry pay. All we need you to do is complete a completely anonymous, two-minute questionnaire – and if you don’t mind, ask your colleagues to do the same.

Now, the beauty industry is a huge industry, and we don’t plan to cover every role here. For this survey, we focused on media (beauty editors and writers), brands (content and social media managers, founders), marketing, PR, and photos. enjoy. Artists and service providers can figure this out (but stay tuned).

And if you’re worried about your employer figuring something out, don’t worry. We do not take your personal information, not even your name or email, and will not tell anyone where you work or what you do. But as we compile and publish the results in a few weeks, in general you should be able to see what others at your level, in your field, are achieving on average in 2021. Not only does it help beginners know what to expect, but it also provides some transparency into what others at your level are doing so you can better understand your worth.
We’re also interested in how the pandemic is still affecting beauty jobs and their salaries. Even if you’ve been laid off, freelanced, or taken a pay cut, we’d love to hear from you. With the knowledge that women and BIPOC were previously underpaid, we’re also asking about your race and gender identity, so we can share if and how they impact average daily wages. now with the hope of working in the same direction in the future. What are you waiting for?

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