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I am not certain how many languages Melanie Trump speaks fluently but I do know many Europeans speak several languages. It’s taught in schools early on. There are people who adore Trump even though they haven’t met him – so why shouldn’t there also be people who hate him? If it were only possible to form a judgment about people you’ve actually met, holding democratic elections in large countries would be very difficult.

Of course, in the case of Donald Trump, a large number of people who adore him have at least been able to see him in person at his rallies. But most people go to the rallies because they already like him, they don’t like him because they went to the rallies.

There is a secret here. Newspapers, television, radio and the internet give us a good way of learning what people think and how they behave without actually being in the same room as them. Well my favorite is none of the above, yet to be honest in the comparison I would say that Obama has a shoe size bigger than Trumps IQ, Obama has a better smelling swamp of ZERO indictments and ZERO criminal convictions as opposed to Trumps 18 and counting to include himself….just wait for it. Obama got sht done and had no scandals unlike Trump pretty much finding every hole to stink up and has the morality of his wife’s legitimacy as a genius…LMFAO. Obama was a success and Trump couldn’t even get his wall paid for by Mexico!……Oh I could go on forever. I would put Obama in the category of a cross between a humming bird on red bull and an owl. I see Trump as a cross between a flatworm fencing and a banana slug engaged in apophallation. Guess I better stop before I offend someone, but I am pretty sure I am correct so far, please criticize me if I’m not.

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