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Depends on your classes. I’m always envious of people who can have stylish backpacks like Ryan Park below, but I took classes which required me to have three textbooks and two to three binders and a laptop every day, so none of those fit my criteria. My favorite backpacks are from the Swiss Gear line. Meet the Ibex. Yes, it’s costly for a backpack. Yes, it’s large and rugged with a seventeen inch laptop divider. But man, is it sturdy and handy. I’ve had no issues with mine for the past two years and it has withstood 25–30 pounds of school material daily, not to mention perfect to go backpacking or traveling with over the summers. Personally, I feel that the rugged design of the backpack is really attractive, and Swiss is known to make quality backpacks.

There is no hannah Montana without mulholland shirt

It’s thirty dollars, and, well, 3000+ 4.5 star average Amazon reviews let it speak for itself. While I definitely envy Ryan Park’s cool backpacks below, if you need a practical backpack as in “Withstand three AP classes worth of textbooks as well as a laptop and books for English,” These two are my top choices when it comes to space and style. In both of them, there was five minutes from when the bell rings to dismiss you from class and when the next class starts. Five minutes itself might be enough time if your locker isn’t too far, but most teachers have that “the bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do” and “no packing up before the bell rings” attitude. So, the bell rings and it might take a minute to pack your things and funnel out of the classroom.

There is no hannah Montana without mulholland s hoodie

Then the next bell ringing symbolizes the start of class and most teachers think that you should be, at the very least, in the classroom and sitting by the time the bell rings. And some teachers expect you to not be only in the room, but have everything out and ready to go. So, you lose a minute in leaving one class and need a minute in the next. So, really you only have three minutes in between to get to your locker and change out your books. And that’s presuming you don’t need to use the bathroom, because there are some teachers that will count that five minutes as a sort of “break”.

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