Myluxshirt – I Crash Bikes and Economies Joe Biden Falling Off Bike shirt

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Fast-forward more than two decades and Martens, 38—the creative director behind Y/Project, the Parisian label known for its rollicking elevation of streetwear and its subversive way with tailoring—has taken on another day job: creative director of Diesel, a role he has held since October 2020. (Actually, he now has three jobs, having agreed to design Jean-Paul Gaultier x Glenn Martens for couture for one season, showing next January.) Martens arrives just as jeans-mania is on a high, with the hautest of houses fixated on working with denim, in yet another example of old rules being upended.

I Crash Bikes and Economies Joe Biden Falling Off Bike shirt

In 1995, the Italian brand Diesel created a groundbreaking advertising campaign that included, among other things, an image of two men kissing. Plenty of people sat up and took notice—not least the teenage Glenn Martens, who was living in Bruges, Belgium. “Diesel was the sexiest brand,” Martens recalls. “At high school, everybody was buying it. You could visit the Diesel store and get a catalog,” he continues, “and on the cover of one of them was that gay couple. That was quite revolutionary for me: It really helped me accept and embrace the person I am today.”

I Crash Bikes and Economies Joe Biden Falling Off Bike s Hoodie

Since joining Diesel, Martens has run at Mach speed, acclimating to a rigorously scheduled routine that sees him shuttling weekly between his airy 19th-century apartment in the once-gritty La Chapelle neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris to the company’s high-tech HQ in Breganze, Italy. “It’s super nice to work in this more organized way,” he says. “And I enjoy the traveling—I can focus on myself!” Among the many things he now oversees, Martens has in quick order conceptualized a new archetype capsule called Denim Library. “I realized there wasn’t a classic jeans jacket,” he says of the collection, with its multiplicity of fits for all sorts of body types. “[With Library] these are pieces of timeless style for everyday life, which won’t ever go on sale.” This past June in Milan he made his runway debut, giving vent to his more experimental impulses: dramatic frayed-denim coats with distressing in diamond configurations; camo-print patched pants that morphed into boots; and shrunken mohair sweaters worn with long skirts crafted out of delicate, flowery gauze. All of this was shown on a diverse, multicultural cast of characters. (“It was really important that our models were there because of their social or environmental engagement,” Martens says.)

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