My birthstone is a coffee Bean shirt
7 Chicago Cubs thank you Joe Maddon Rumors shirt
10 Tháng Mười, 2019
Harry Potter Hermione Ron chibi Christmas shirt 
11 Tháng Mười, 2019

My birthstone is a coffee Bean shirt

On those rails are My birthstone is a coffee Bean shirt. I think any illegal person serving in a war automatically should become a citizen for their service. If you’re willing to fight and bleed, maybe even die, for this country, the least it can do is provide you with citizenship after a couple of tours. Kyle Dingman if anyone doesn’t deserve to be a citizen it’s the orange weakling in the White House. And somehow I managed to avoid becoming a drug dealer when I got out of the military. Kyle Dingman what American great in the first Is accepting immigrants like him tell me would you go overseas you all look like idiots. then you go to the front line to defend USA and stop sitting at home and make useless comments.

I just took a DNA test turns out Im 100 that Kentuckian shirt

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My birthstone is a coffee Bean shirt

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