Harley Quinn Birds of Prey chibi shirt
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Harley Quinn Birds of Prey chibi shirt

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey chibi shirt

Harley Quinn was originally the psychiatrist, Harley Quinn Birds of Prey chibi shirt Dr. Harleen Quinzel.[4] She was a good soul whose patient was The Joker. Over time, her sessions with Joker intensified and she developed a crush on him. She believed she could cure The Joker and saw the good in him, however, it went onto be her undoing. As with any famous antagonist, she came from a place where her good deeds and intentions were misused. Harley Quinn is a complex character that is completely unpredictable. She can be badass one moment and be completely human the next moment. She is a manifestation of everybody’s dark side when in love and also the nice human residing in all of us. That is what makes her relatable to all comic book fans.

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Harley Quinn Birds of Prey chibi shirt

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Her notes on Joker were stolen and used Harley Quinn Birds of Prey chibi shirtt o write a book. At this moment, she feels betrayed and kills her boss who stole her notes. In time, she starts regretting her acts but it is too late. The Joker pushes her into a chemical bin at ACE chemicals.[5]This is exactly when Harleen Quinzel transforms into Harley Quinn and she decides there is no looking back for her. Eventually, in the later edition of Comics, once she splits with The Joker, she decided to correct herself. She becomes a sort of vigilante. Deep inside she loves The Joker but never loses her touch of being a good person. In fact, she is so confused at times that after saving someone she remarks that the incident should not be revealed as it might hinder her reputation.

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