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“It was really difficult to find the best ending,” admits season 4’s head writer Laura Neal, speaking to ahead of the finale airing. “The truth is we talked about loads. We were always discussing ‘What’s the truth of the endpoint of these characters journeys?’ If we look at where Eve and Villanelle began and we look at what’s happened to them across the four seasons, what’s the truth of the end point? It would have been easy for it to feel very maudlin, I think, or to go completely the other direction and make it feel too funny. So striking the right balance between the two of them felt really important.”

Jurassic World Graphic Print Shirt

“I think it’s true to this show,” Oh adds of the ending, which sees Eve left alone in the river, gasping for air and screaming before the screen goes black. “As an audience you want to be satisfied. You want to know. Like, ‘I want to be satisfied. I want it tied up in a bow. I want to understand it.’ But that’s not it.” Eventually, the writers settled on setting the finale on the Thames, right under Tower Bridge, where Eve and Villanelle met in the final episode of season 3. The Dixie Queen is a real boat moored nearby and it took about a week of filming to complete the finale sequence, where Villanelle and Eve infiltrate a wedding on the boat in order to find a secret meeting of the Twelve. The production was even able to get Tower Bridge to lift specifically for the scene, which Neal still finds unbelievable. The underwater scenes were shot in a tank, but the parting scene of the show, as Villanelle urges Eve off the boat while shots are fired at them at the behest of Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), was the last thing the Killing Eve team ever filmed.

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“What was really surreal was the last shot we did was the last shot of Villanelle ever,” Comer remembers. “So that was weird because once I’d done that, it was done. There was something about finishing on that final shot of her that was actually perfect in a way. But it was weird. It was really weird! What was great was Sandra and I were together for the whole of that last week, so we got to experience that together with the crew.” For Comer, Villanelle’s death felt tonally and thematically right for the character. After seeing her struggle over the course of season 4, attempting to do what’s right and then falling back in to old (murderous) habits, it was time for Villanelle’s story to come to a rightful end.

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