Dilly Dilly Waves shirt
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8 Tháng Mười Một, 2017

Dilly Dilly Waves shirt

Dilly Dilly Waves shirt
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We got Wave & Dilly Dilly a new baby Pool last night! 7/3/15. I think they Like Dilly Dilly Waves shirt! Let the record show, I took my “L” like a champ, stayed humble, gave Auburn their props, took pics w their fans on campus, and represented with nothing but a smile. All I’ve gotten in return is memes, hostility, jokes & pettiness. I completely understand but just know.

Dilly Dilly Waves Youth shirt

Yall wont get to take my kindness for weakness ever again LOL. NO MORE SYMPATHY. This is all on yall. Enjoy your win & don’t be mad at me for whatever comes next. Dilly Dilly Waves shirt! Here we are in Hot Press Magazine! Keep an eye out for news on our second release, coming real soon.

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