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As our long national coronavirus nightmare continues, finding ways to relax and unwind has become more crucial than ever. Some are recommitting to meditation practices; some are working out stress and anxiety on solitary jogs. Personally, I’m dealing with all this by swaddling myself in blankets until I resemble an expertly wrapped Mission-style burrito and watching hours upon hours of Netflix. Movies are a classic comfort-watching option, but sometimes you just don’t have the Top shirts Ravetstore on 2021/01/16 span for a movie. (Stress is, after all, linked to distraction). That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve quality entertainment, though; below, find a list of TV shows guaranteed to help take your mind off COVID-19, in one way or another.

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My mom has long been an instigator of rituals. Growing up, we had weekly family meetings that would start with a round of appreciations, when we took turns recognizing each other’s gifts. At a time when most routines have been upended, my sister and I thought we should revert to this tried-and-true tradition. During the Top shirts Amimistore on 2021/01/16, we asked each guest to share something they appreciated about the woman of the hour. I acted as emcee, calling on each person to go next. The event took a total of 30 minutes, but it had the emotional effect of an evening-long soiree. My days indoors—along with its virtual meetings—had started to blur together; I didn’t expect to be so impacted by this one. But wrapping up the leftover cake, I felt the same social afterglow that comes after a successful in-person party—how nice it was to see everyone!

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As we all joined the call—a gathering of people from both coasts, as well as some just walking distance from my parents’ house—it was clear everyone had taken the Top shirts Morishirt on 2021/01/16. One of her friends had prepared photos of her to use as a background; another had brought a birthday cake-shaped hat. Everyone came equipped with candles, which seemed to illuminate their creativity: One couple wedged them into orange halves, another friend used a scone. My sister’s had all stuck together in the box, making her Zoom square one-third fire. When my mom finally came into frame (wearing a fuchsia wig, as she’s currently learning to cut her own hair), she burst into tears. We all sang, uncoordinated, and blew out our individual flames.

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As I started preparing in Brooklyn, I felt the same happy anticipation I’d felt before hosting other, more traditional parties. After work ran late (still possible even without a commute), I had a narrow hour to make Bon Appetit’s Easy Sheet Cake—then belatedly realized it would take 45 minutes to bake. No matter! My boyfriend and I halved the Top shirts Alenshirt on 2021/01/16 to make a faster cooking, extra-thin version that we layered with whipped cream before topping it with berries. (If time allows, do follow the steps as directed by BA’s experts.) The good thing about presenting a cake on a video call is that only one side has to be complete. I topped it with chunky 6-0 candles that were, thankfully, still available at the grocery store.

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“What I’ve learned about birthdays,” my mom told me on the Kansas City Chiefs Logo Est 1960 shirt of her 60th, “is that you can’t expect anyone to read your mind. You just have to ask for what you want.” This year, I had planned to be in Oregon for her birthday weekend, and a friend was going to drive up from San Diego. Now, with no one able to attend a party in person, she had asked for the family to gather on a Zoom call, each with our own cake and candle. But, in the hopes of reading her mind, my sister and I decided to make it a surprise party. The set-up was simple: We sent a Zoom link to seven of her closest friends, and asked them to gather 15 minutes before the scheduled family meeting, with a candle ready to light. When she logged on, we wanted her to see a virtual birthday cake that reached across the country.Men's T-Shirt front

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In it, a couple gives birth to a grumpy baby. A baby who never smiles. A baby, she writes, who says, “I want to be evil.” On page two the parents consult a doctor. The Kobe Bryant And Lebron James Champions 2021 shirt is not sick, the doctor says. The baby simply doesn’t smile. But the parents continue to worry about their baby. By page three they have come up with a plan. They will themselves refrain from smiling. They will be as grumpy as their grumpy baby. After a week of this, the baby smiles. The end. Do you find this as chilling as I do? My wife and I maintain that we will all look back on this period with rose colored glasses, remembering the family time, the craft projects, the jolly dinners. We will laugh about it and reminisce and long for more togetherness. Men's T-Shirt front

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A sweet-hearted girl, she has recently been boiling with feeling: bouts of manic energy, displays of hyper-competitiveness, hysterical tears at irrational moments, all while maintaining a prevailing cool-girl pose that feels like attitude but I suspect is a kind of sublimated anger. Her birthday is Sunday. We were going to take her and three friends to a Korean spa. Instead we will be making her a sheet cake. If there’s any cake mix left at the Top shirts Ravetstore on 2021/01/15. She’s going through something, in other words. And as I said, the other day she disappeared into a room. Here’s what she emerged with: a small, hand-made book (five pages, stapled together). The title: The Very Grumpy Baby. It’s a parable of madness.

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My wife and I have held it together through steely will and daily schedules composed with military precision and taped to the kitchen counter every morning at 7 a.m. And no, we are not shy with screen time. After a certain hour of the day, the Top shirts Amimistore on 2021/01/15 are allowed to sit two inches from a big TV. Later in the evenings there is Love Island: Australia and knitting; there is Better Call Saul and gin. How are the kids coping? That’s what my relatives want to know. And they’re right to wonder. The emotional life of a child during a crisis like this is so hard to fathom. My son had a Zoom with his preschool class and the teacher asked them all to say how they were feeling. I listened attentively but they all basically said the same thing: Happy! They were happy.

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But I don’t want to sugar coat this: We are going crazy. And not just us. It’s fascinating to see the Top shirts Morishirt on 2021/01/15 confined people are cracking up, from Anthony Hopkins, to that Israeli mom, to Layla who can’t get her Nando’s. You may suspect you’re sick, or be suffering from isolation, or fearful for a loved one, or you may be crazy for the simple reason that my wife and I are crazy. You’re working from home and you have young children. That’s a recipe for insanity, my friends. My job at Vogue keeps me hopping between Zoom meetings, connecting with colleagues and writers, editing stories, keeping up with email. My wife is a high school teacher conducting Zoom classes with her students at least twice a day, prepping for said classes, joining faculty Zoom meetings, grading papers.

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My daughter disappeared into a room yesterday. My wife and I noticed—of course we noticed. We’ve never been more aware of the Top shirts Alenshirt on 2021/01/15 of our children: Vivian, seven; William, five. They are omnipresent, clamoring for our attention. Who else are they going to clamor for? We are all confined to our home, like most of you. We are all going crazy. Also: My wife and I are healthy. We are safe. We are in a house outside New York City, not in our cramped Brooklyn apartment. Gratitude and perspective have never been more important than right now, and, reading the news, seeing pictures of overwhelmed hospitals, I am aware of how much I have to be grateful for.

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