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the Gulf Islands National Seashore. There were long lines at this gas station in Jefferson, Louisiana, on Friday. Oil and gas companies have evacuated dozens of production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Ida looms, knocking offline more than half the region’s crude production, regulators said Friday. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement estimates that about 58.5% of the current oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has been shut down. The agency said nearly 49% of the natural gas production in the region has similarly been sidelined. Ida whipped Cuba and the Cayman Islands on Friday As of 11 p.m. ET Friday, Ida’s center was 615 miles southeast of New Orleans after crossing western Cuba, with sustained winds of 80 mph. Before it headed to the Gulf, Ida delivered potentially dangerous amounts of rain to Cuba, the National Hurricane Center said. What ‘rapid intensification’ means for storms 01:10 Ida could deliver 5 to 15 inches of rain to western Cuba, including the Isle of Youth, hurricane center forecasters said. “These rainfall amounts may produce life-threatening

Official Tcnick3 proud to be a guinness world record holder T-shirt

flash floods and mudslides,” the hurricane center said. Dangerous storm surge, winds and rain possible for US Gulf Coast Rapid intensification will happen in the Gulf on Saturday and Sunday, forecasters said. “The global models show a very favorable upper-level wind pattern over the storm and abundant environmental moisture,” the hurricane center said. “These conducive atmospheric conditions combined with very warm Gulf of Mexico waters should allow Ida to rapidly intensify this weekend.” Some of the storm’s outer bands could reach the northern Gulf Coast by late Saturday, but tropical storm force winds won’t arrive until Sunday morning. Winds, storm surge and heavy rain are expected to be major threats. As for storm surge: Water reaching 10 to 15 feet above ground could move ashore if surge and high tide combine in an area from Morgan City, Louisiana, to the mouth of the Mississippi River, the hurricane center said. Why coastal communities should fear storm surge About 8 to 20 inches of rain are possible from southeast Louisiana to coastal Mississippi and Alabama through Monday morning, the hurricane center said. After landfall, Ida could turn northeast as it moves inland. About 4 to 8 inches of rain are possible across southern and central Mississippi into the Tennessee Valley, the hurricane center said. “This is likely to result in considerable flash and riverine flooding impacts,” the hurricane center said. A hurricane warning is in effect for Intracoastal City, Louisiana, to the Mouth of the Pearl River and for Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas, and metropolitan New Orleans. A hurricane watch was in effect Friday for these parts of the US: Cameron, Louisiana, to west

Official Tcnick3 proud to be a guinness world record holder T-s Hoodie

‘Southern Blob’ of hot ocean is causing a megadrought thousands of miles away in Chile By Jessie Yeung, Updated 0806 GMT (1606 HKT) August 27, 2021 A malnourished cow on a drought-affected ranch in Putaendo, Chile, on September 23, 2019. ()In the southwest Pacific Ocean, there’s a huge region of unusually warm water covering an area about the size of Australia, known as “the Southern Blob.” Several thousand miles away, the South American nation of Chile has been experiencing a megadrought for more than a decade, with dwindling rain and water supplies. On the surface, these two events have nothing to do with each other — but, a new study found, they are linked by invisible forces of global atmospheric pressure and circulation. The Southern Blob, located east of Australia and New Zealand, emerged about four decades ago, likely caused by a naturally-occurring decline in rainfall over the central tropical Pacific. But over time, climate change has made the Blob bigger and hotter, according to the study. The drop in rainfall affected atmospheric circulation in the region, creating wind patterns that changed how warm and cold currents flow in the ocean — guiding more warm water to the Blob while pushing cold water deeper down. The warm surface water that makes up the Blob then heats the air above it — and as the atmosphere warms, it expands into a “big, broad area of high pressure,” known as a high pressure ridge, said Kyle Clem, co-author of the study and lecturer in climate science at the Victoria University of Wellington. A dried area of the Penuelas Lake in Valparaiso, Chile, on January 22, 2020. This ridge, which stretches across the South Pacific, changes the path that storms

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