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In the second season of the BBC drama, Kidman came on as Julia Edwards, conveying “a beautiful, strong, feminist mother who is also vulnerable,” said makeup artist Noriko Watanabe of the transformation, which included a silver mane and prosthetic teeth. The sci-fi romantic comedy finds Kidman playing Queen Boadicea, a character who looks nothing short of David Bowie’s Goblin King in Labyrinth with a spiky mullet and paled-out complexion and bold strokes of winged eyeliner. For her role as a small-town southern mother, Nicole Kidman wore a teased-to-the-heavens fringed blonde wig that was immediately the talk of the internet when the trailer dropped. In Karyn Kusama’s neo-noir crime drama Destroyer, one of Kidman’s most jaw-dropping transformations found her wearing a lived-in, salt-and-pepper crop with a grungy, time-worn complexion meant to depict “a real woman who’s had a hard life,” said makeup artist Bill Corso.

I'm still a Trump girl messy bun America flag Trump 2024 shirt

For The Hours, Kidman spent three hours a day transforming into English author Virginia Woolf, most notably wearing a prosthetic nose that became a topic of awards-season fodder that year. In Birth, director Jonathan Glazer imagined Kidman’s Anna as “somebody who had sort of let all glamour go.” Physically, this translated to Kidman trading in her signature tumble of red waves for a brunette pixie cut. In crime drama The Paperboy, Kidman starred alongside Zac Efron as the ultimate bottle blonde, with teased layers, stacks of lashes, and frosty pink lips. To become the children’s film’s resident villain, museum director Millicent Clyde, Kidman wore an all-business blunt blonde bob with not a single hair out of place.

I'm still a Trump girl messy bun America flag Trump 2024 s hoodie

To portray Lucille Ball, Kidman dyed her hair red to match Ball’s famed crimson. She also wore fine-tuned facial prosthetics that helped her achieve a new nose and thinner, higher-slung brows. In The Northman, an epic based on the legend of Amleth, Kidman plays Queen Gudrún. She embodies Viking beauty with a flushed complexion and cascade of hip-grazing strawberry blonde lengths that were often intricately plaited. Whether you personally downward-dog or not, witnessing Dua Lipa’s recent yoga escapades on Instagram has been nothing short of impressive. The singer is currently on her Future Nostalgia world tour, and has been working with Venezuelan yoga teacher and movement facilitator Anabella Landa, best known as Annie Moves. The two women—with their long dark hair and similarly excellent wardrobes—could almost be sisters. “I’ve always been addicted to movement,” Moves tells me over the phone, having recently embarked on the European leg of Dua’s tour. “It’s my main source of energy. My parents got me into yoga—a trainer would come to our house—and I’ve always scouted out different yoga studios, as well as other workouts.” With a background in advertising and PR, her new career makes her a classic pandemic success story: She completed her official yoga teacher training virtually on the balcony of her tiny apartment in Miami. She used the time, she says, to “lean into [her] connection and calling.”

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