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At this very moment, and unbeknownst to many, there are hundreds of migrants making their way through El Darien Gap, a jungle that sits along the Colombia-Panama border. It’s the only segment of the Pan-American Highway—which stretches from Alaska to Argentina—that remains unpaved, untouched and completely ungoverned. Only two things reign over that 66-mile jungle: lethal wildlife and gangs. And, for many migrants without visas, it’s an inevitable route if they want to keep trekking northward. There’s no way around it. Inside El Darien, backpackers have been kidnapped by cartels, journalists have been attacked, women have been raped, and many migrants have lost their lives. El Darien has even been referred to in the past as a “Graveyard of Immigrants.”

Dad what are clouds made of linux servers mostly vintage shirt

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Dad what are clouds made of linux servers mostly vintage s Hoodie

In 2019, UNICEF reported that more 24,000 migrants from over 50 nationalities—including India, Bangladesh, Somalia and Cameroon—crossed the Darien Gap. Among them, there were almost 4,000 children, a huge spike compared to the 522 children that crossed in 2019. The majority of these migrants were headed to the U.S. Indeed, El Darien isn’t a new route, but we’ve become so fixated on the US-Mexico border and grown so accustomed to sensationalist news coverage of it that we’ve neglected the extraordinary lengths migrants go to before they approach our border. It’s easy to form opinions based on the static images we’ve come to see in newspapers of families waiting en masse by ports of entry. Some call that a “border crisis,” but it’s much harder to picture what’s out of sight—those same families, miles away from us, carrying three-year-olds through the unknown darkness of El Darien jungle. I call that the ultimate testament of humanity.

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