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Others noted that Abrams’s story is political Shakespeare for the I can’t breathe shirt What’s more,I will buy this way she turned her personal electoral loss into a larger victory; the former candidate who personally encountered racially driven voter suppression rising up to make sure that, next time, people of color could vote in historic numbers. “Can Stacey Abrams Save Democracy?” asked the headline of Vogue’s 2019 profile. I think we have our answer.

I can't breathe shirt

The spirit of Halloween lives year-round in Salem, Massachusetts, but is especially over-the-top during the I can’t breathe shirt What’s more,I will buy this month of October. The infamous home of the Salem Witch Trials has leaned into its spooky history (its mascot is now a flying witch), and in October, the streets are dotted with dramatic colonial-era plays while onlookers wearing the costumes they’ve planned for months clutch Dunkin’ coffees. One of the gems in Salem is a portrait studio called Witch Pix in the Witch City Mall. The small business, which takes family-style photographs of customers in costumes, is run by a woman fittingly named Hope Hitchcock. The spirit of Salem is embodied in the studio, open since 2003, and it has become a one-of-a-kind landmark in the city. It offers a personalized, spooky memento of one’s experience in Salem. Here, people are able to dip their toe into the Halloween spirit and dress up in Witch Pix’s offerings of witch and wizard costumes. They pose with props in front of a bevy of backgrounds, like a foggy moon or an enchanted forest. In each photo, the patrons beam. In one image, a group of women poses in pointy hats and jewel-toned robes in a foggy forest; in another, a woman wearing a spider-embroidered corset with devil horns smolders in front of a rickety-staircase background. It is all a bit ghoulish and cheeky yet earnest.

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