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I was also aware of the Dad Jokes Shirt Additionally,I will love this need to protect my mental and physical health. I’d heard anecdotally from OB-GYNs that women were going into labor early— a potential result of compounding national anxiety. It wouldn’t be good to be a stressed out pregnant person, but so many people in the country, far more vulnerable than I, wouldn’t have the option to pick and choose which particular cruelties of the Trump administration would befall them should he win again. Aside from a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, I’d been lucky to have a relatively uneventful pregnancy. Engaging regularly with the election was something I wagered I could do. I completely understand that for a different pregnant person, this could be unhealthy or simply too much to bear. And there were periods when I did step back—skipped watching the debates, abstained from doom scrolling; opted to donate to a candidate rather than steel myself for another round of phone banking calls to brusque middle-aged men in the Sun Belt. But for me, pregnancy seemed inextricable from working to elect a new president. They were one and the same. So, like the rest of the country, I am barreling through the next few days, with an eye on November 3. Sometimes I am nervous; often I am hopeful. Usually the specter of the election—even if it’s not decided on November 3—is in the background of the day, and the new shape of my family occupies the fore. But they are intertwined, as they have been since the beginning. And in spite of how fraught the narrative around free and fair voting has become this year, I have to—literally, I have no choice but to—believe that, like choosing to get pregnant, going to the polls is an inherently optimistic thing. It’s an opportunity to start anew, and an investment in changing the direction of the world on the day someone enters into it to change mine forever.

Dad Jokes Shirt

Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary change for the Dad Jokes Shirt Additionally,I will love this body. Among the many things to expect while expecting, there is a radical shift in nutritional needs for both the mother-to-be and her baby.“During pregnancy, nutrition is so important because it is what fuels you and your baby,” explains Dallas-based ob-gyn Jessica Shepherd. “When we give our bodies the fuel it needs, it’s able to support us so much better. It allows you to be much more functional and aids in reducing health risks during your pregnancy. Good nutrition and appropriate supplementation also promotes healthy development for the baby.”Along with eating a nourishing diet, staying hydrated, and avoiding smoking and alcohol, prenatal vitamins can supply extra nutrients tailored to support the needs of pregnancy. While they’ve been around since the early ’70s, a new wave of research-backed, sleekly packaged formulas—both from preexisting cult brands and buzzy new startups alike—have permeated the market. Where to begin? Here, a breakdown of everything you need to know about prenatal vitamins, as well as the latest crop of offerings to consider.In an ideal world, a pregnant mother would get all of her nutrients from food. But as Sakara cofounder Danielle DuBoise, who developed the wellness brand’s new The Foundation: Prenatal while pregnant, underlines, that’s not realistic. “No one eats perfectly 100% of the time,” says DuBoise, citing research that the average American is lacking essential nutrients in their daily diet. “So for most people, supplementation is critical.”According to Manhattan-based nutritionist Maria Marlowe, prenatal supplements can fill in any nutrient gaps caused by our modern, hectic lifestyles, or particular tastes, which result in consuming less than an adequate amount of the nutrients we need on a daily basis. “Think of it as an insurance policy that you’re getting enough of the nutrients you need to support a healthy pregnancy, for baby and mom alike,” she says. Similarly, Shepherd encourages her expectant patients to consider taking a prenatal vitamin as building up a reserve. “Because the baby gets all the nutrients it needs directly from mama, it’s easy to become deficient in vitamins” she explains. “A well-rounded balance of vitamins and nutrients during pregnancy will help mom provide the nutrients needed, as well as help the baby do things, such as form vital organs and body systems.”While expecting, one should be looking to get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals they normally need, as well as additional key pregnancy super-nutrients, such as folic acids, iron, and calcium, says Marlowe.

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