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It’s something that slowly tore me down over 20 years. I didn’t think it had because I recognized he and his family do it to me a lot. I thought because I recognized it surely I wasn’t reacting to it. However, we see ourselves a lot through our husband’s eyes and their words do change our perception. The constant antagonism to what I would say and I had to laugh at your question because quite literally one day after I confronted him about it we were driving in the car and I looked out the window and said wow the sky is so blue. He looks and responded with, no it looks grayish it may rain. I looked again and said, yeah, I guess your right it does look a bit gray. He said no it’s blue. I glared at him and laughed and said really? It extends into other things though. It’s not just the opposite of what I say, it’s the opposite of what I do. If I buy him a shirt he won’t wear it. If I suggest a restaurant he’ll suddenly crave another. He used to absolutely love chocolate, I bought him a chocolate bar and he said he didn’t like it anymore. He doesn’t know why he does these things.

The skorys glitch shirt

Godless heathen shirt

I made a bogey on every hole and threw my putter in one of the ponds shirt

Macho Man Cream of the crop shirt

Oh the virus outside is frightful but this wine is so delightful shirt

My drinking team has a darts problem shirt

Christmas magic is silent you don’t hear it you feel it shirt

I tried to retire but now I work for my guitar shirt

Joe Biden Faker Votes shirt

Never kiss a man in a Christmas sweater shirt

Tree Christmas come and take it shirt

Viking Fa la la la la valhalla-la shirt

Corona Virus Social Attention Please Respect Physical shirt

Child Starving Tory Scum shirt

I guess I got my bed ready and since it looked so good I crawled in and passed out!! A few hours later I woke up, and wondered where my date was. So I go outside to retrieve her. Sure enough she is in the passenger seat passed out. I wake her up and she is a little mad and says let’s just drive back since we are sober. I just tell her that we can just go straight to my room the coast is clear. We start off and are going it, the heart starts beating which brings back a little of the stuff we invested earlier. Its my only excuse because instead of being discrete we start getting into it and she is being loud. I don’t gag her, instead I start laying into her with the dirty talk she always loved.

I wish I could drop my body off at the gym and pick it up when it’s ready shirt

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