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Well my sister and I along with my girlfriend would always go to the next town over to play so nobody could catch me crossdressing. Or recognize her and ask who I was. That and in the next town over really a city, they have many bookstores and a lot have glory holes. Which is a favorite of mine. On this particular trip we were going to a house party at a guys place my sister had met a couple of times. We didn’t think he would invite people from our highschool he knew. Never did any of us think he would known anyone in our town. But we were very wrong. While dancing at the party and enjoying myself a person was behind me and whispered in my ear, I see your sister and girlfriend but the only person with them is a girl.

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I know who you are and said my boy name. I turned to see who it was and there stood the guy who had been my english tutor for the last 6 months. With a little grin on his face. I said what kind of sick sexual favors do you want? He said he wanted a date with me. A real date. But unfortunately my girlfriend was not buying it and told him to no and if he told anyone about me she would make sure he never was able to tutor again. He was always awkward around me after that. He was always looking at my crotch it seemed, wondering if I had one or not.

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