Parang Gusto Ko Maging Siopao Nalang Sweatshirt

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Cargo pants are loved by many girls because of their dynamic, modern and special features that are extremely comfortable during Summer days..Cargo pants are style. The pants have a sporty appearance with accents of camouflage or boxy bags of camouflage. Once worn only when participating in outdoor activities, cargo pants are now innovated, changing the wide pants into breeches and abstaining from some details to be more suitable for everyday clothes. Comfortable and dynamic, this is the Parang Gusto Ko Maging Siopao Nalang Sweatshirt chosen by many fashionista and world models when going down the street. Cargo pants double personality when combined with Camouflage motifs. Combined with a monochrome t-shirt or crop top for overall harmony. Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin model dressed in army green or gray cargo pants with badger shirt, bomber jacket and high heel boots. Sofia Richie long legs create striking accents with t-shirts with orange neon tie.

Parang Gusto Ko Maging Siopao Nalang Sweatshirt

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Parang Gusto Ko Maging Siopao Nalang Sweats Hoodie

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