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Just a few years ago, most luxury brands stayed out of the From Father to Son shirt But I will love this consignment and resale conversation. Some went so far as to speak against it, wary of counterfeit goods or the prospect of losing their market share. Others seemed to be feeling out the trend: Would secondhand shopping really take off? Do women really want to buy someone else’s dress? In a word, yes. The RealReal currently has more than 17 million users, and the resale market as a whole is expected to grow to $64 billion by 2025. (It’s currently valued at $28 billion.) There’s also the fact that one of the world’s most-wanted fashion brands is partnering with The RealReal in a big way. Today, Gucci is announcing a multi-prong partnership with TRR, including a special Gucci e-shop stocked with consignors’ items as well as merchandise brought in directly from Gucci. The Florentine house is also the first to incentivize shoppers to buy and consign its goods on TRR: For every Gucci item purchased or sold, The RealReal will plant a tree through One Tree Planted, a nonprofit working on global reforestation.

From Father to Son shirt

Julie Wainwright, The RealReal’s founder and CEO, described the From Father to Son shirt But I will love this partnership as being rooted in sustainability. Aside from TRR’s great deals and hard-to-find runway pieces, the site’s biggest contribution to fashion has been elevating the concept of secondhand fashion and promoting it as a more sustainable way to shop, namely by giving clothes a “second life” (or third or fourth). Gucci has its own ambitious sustainability goals; earlier this summer, it released its first experiment in circularity, Gucci Off the Grid, a line of accessories and streetwear made from recycled and regenerated fibers. True circularity requires “closing the loop” by taking back a product when a customer is done with it and either recycling, upcycling, or reselling it. That’s surely the next step for many brands, Gucci included, but until it’s logistically possible, the best-case scenario is that an item is given to a friend or resold on a consignment site like The RealReal.

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