I like big buns and I cannot lie cinnamon rolls shirt

It was a devastating blow for I like big buns and I cannot lie cinnamon rolls shirt me when he said he met someone and he thinks he likes her. His feelings were uncertain. He got swayed away. But one thing for sure, he decided to let me go. I didn’t see it coming. His feelings, loneliness and emptiness. Most of the days would be he overworked himself, came home late, always tired. He was fatigued from work. But every time he hears my voice, video call, he felt at ease. We talked, we shared everything except his emptiness and loneliness that I didn’t know about. I was too, but I always reminded myself, someday the distance will not be in our way. I was wrong. There are times we talked about our future, living together, building our own family. Not just making me believed and also hoped. It feels like the future is there, but he’s not in the picture visualising us together.

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I like big buns and I cannot lie cinnamon rolls shirt

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That last call I had with him, I asked him about the gift, he finally said it’s a necklace. I burst into tears and knowing it will never ever be sent to me forever. We were poor and had limited funds but there was a gift for my wife and for each of her parents. There wasn’t money for my wife to get me anything but I was accustomed to doing without special things as I was the man of the house and came last when it came to anything beyond bare necessities. Her parents brought gifts. My wife was given some kitchen gadgets and a nightgown. Then I was handed my gifts. I nannied for three young boys when I was 18. The two older boys were both eight, and the youngest was..well, we will get into that. I nannied them for eight months. I would stay with the young one for seven hours a day on most days (sometimes only three hours). It became draining after some time. I would wake him up, dress him, and run the two older boys to the bus stop.

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