Elliott NASCAR Cup Series Champion 1988 – 2020 signature shirt

The show was as good as it could be considering NASCAR plays by the rules Elliott NASCAR Cup Series Champion 1988 – 2020 signature shirt. I got 2 of the 3 correct… I didn’t think Allgaier would get it, he seems like a huge complainer with less talent than most of the young truck drivers. I agree about the awards show being lame, no tuxedos for the guys, just Jean’s and golf shirt. Sad for the winners not getting normal recognition. The other 2 drivers are considered Champions, the 1st one shown he’s never going to see another cup in many years. I followed DW as a driver and loved watching him in the Fox Sports booth!! I know he’s enjoying retirement, wish he was on TV more! Clint Bowyer reminds me of a young DW, can’t wait to see him in the booth next season!

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