Dreamworks logo shirt

As for September—as of now, I don’t think we’ll have real shows, but who knows. The Dreamworks logo shirt still changes day by day. In September many countries still won’t be able to travel. Maybe here in Italy we’ll have an advantage in that we’ve started the lockdown much earlier than most countries, so we’ll probably restart faster. And our factories, once reopened, are pretty miraculous. I think that maybe we will have to integrate the digital with the physical, but I hope we’ll be able to stage actual shows in a different format—maybe on a reduced scale, with only very qualified press attending and the most important buyers, a maximum of a hundred people. Like going back to the old times, when fashion shows were intimate affairs and not today’s gigantic performances, without the need of impressive backgrounds or sets, where you could actually see the clothes up close. Men's T-Shirt front

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