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They had climbed over the 10 foot back wall and into the courtyard where they were able to break into the house without being disturbed. This happened twice more over the next year. After the second time, my grandfather said that he was tempted to put broken glass on the top of the wall, but was advised by the police that this was illegal, unfortunately, but they would understand it there was a finger found in the courtyard, as long as there was no evidence of the glass found on the wall. We decided against it After the third time, I helped my grandfather screw some planks to the top of the wall that had some 3″ rusty nails sticking out of them. They didn’t come back. It eventually transpired that the break-ins had been done by the junkies who lived next door.

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My grandparents never got a thing back, and because most of what was stolen were more of a sentimental value than a monetary one, they never got anything from the insurance companies either. God, I hate junkies. When I first met him, and he took me to his house, he warned me that the house was a wreck. He said that his roommate had left, and when he did he ransacked the place. When I stepped in the house, my dumb ass believed him and I felt very sorry for him. I guess in my mind I thought I was the person he needed. I could help him get his place back to normal and treat him right. But as time went on and after I moved in, I realized exactly what the situation was.

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