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Our leaves were often questioned. Allowances deducted based on Someone with cerebral palsy has taught me love needs no words shirt in-the-moment made up reasons. As the manager didn’t have children, childcare leave urgent or not, made it an allowance deductible. It wasn’t reflected in our contracts. But our contracts did say that we have to abide to any new future clauses. But eventually they made it fair so planned childcare leave was not allowance deductible. Anyway, the petty things happened after i had left. My friend Cece had been wanting to leave. But she always had a soft spot for the company. She was the first office staff hired. But she had made herself a timeline on when to leave. To note, over here women get 4 months paid maternity leave. Almost everyone will take it in one go. Very few choose to take it in batches. And there are stipulations given by the ministry if one were to take it in batches.

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For example should the staff take leave for 3 months, she can either take the remaining month leave within the year or the company can pay her for the remaining month. She had given birth in January where all staffs leave is reset. So basically giving her over 40 days of paid leave. Not including 6 days paid childcare leave and 14 days paid medical leave. And to note, there was never any issue of taking half day leave even if it was urgent and not planned. Sometimes her husband, who worked shifts, would have last minute meetings and what not. So she would apply last minute half days. She would come in in the morning and leave at lunch. This made it seem as if she was always on leave. So a rule was made up on the spot. No one can take half day leave. She said fine, i’ll take an urgent full day. Then it became an issue as well. No urgent leaves with less than a week notice.

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