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A touch of Giotto’s frescoes here, a dash of Japanese manga there, and a final splash of dystopian sci-fi for good measure, Nguyen’s paintings—as exhibited at cutting-edge art venues like New York’s Swiss Institute and London’s Stuart Shave Modern Art gallery—have seen him accrue a serious fanbase since his first solo exhibition in Munich in 2014. This appreciation for his work is in nobody more so, it seems, than Cosima Gadient and Christa Bösch of Ottolinger, whose keen interest in contemporary art is a natural byproduct of living and working in Berlin. “We collaborate with an artist every season,” says Gadient. “It’s interesting, because there can sometimes be a divide between art and fashion, but all our artist friends love what we do and love being a part of the No the African angels shirt Furthermore, I will do this family and collaborating.”

No the African angels shirt

Their friendship with Nguyen began during a trip the No the African angels shirt Furthermore, I will do this pair took to Los Angeles a few years back, with their first collaborative piece appearing in their spring 2019 collection. “We always loved Julien’s sense of depth and architecture, and how three-dimensional he makes the figures, as well as that mystical, fantasy, fairytale element,” Gadient continues. “I think Julien’s paintings have a quality that is both beautiful and terrifying, and that’s something we like in our work too. It’s a thin line between that intensity and subtlety.”

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