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And he asked me to do you know how much does it cost Global warming economic crisis knife crime terrorism forget it all with the drink shirt to grow those ingredients that go into the face of a person celebrating?? At this time I was staring at him like a dumb stupid kid and felt bad thinking about those people who did/does that kind. Finally, I said to him that even I’m like you dislike who waste food and smash cake into the birthday person’s face. He asked me – have you never been in a group where people waste a cake at any kind of party? I said no, never. He didn’t believe me. He just thought I’m just another city boy having a fun trip in his village. So his concern was not about the normal problem that he had and not worried about the financial situation he was going through or his debt, but we people wasting food that made him a bit mad.

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We say and studied in our school education that “Farmer is the Backbone of our Country” but we never think about their lives and what they go through. I agree with him, we take everything for granted because we PAY for it. There are thousands of people who die of hunger every day we do not bat an eye because it’s coded in our minds that these things happen everywhere and every day why bother kind of attitude. If we face the same situation then we (civilized city dwellers) go ape shit and do some protest and whatnot. Only when bad things happen to you (city dwellers) personally we go and complain and go on social media to get it rectified else it is not at all your problem. This kind of attitude has made our planet a worst place and getting even worse every day.


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