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So, the bulk of the actual “game” happens not during the game itself Among Us Christmas Us game and game ugly Christmas shirt, but during these discussion periods where players discuss murders or suspicious activity and start throwing blame around over who might be the imposter, and it’s this part of the game where most of the strategy is focused, both for if you’re a crewmate or an imposter. It’s at this point that the game relies a bit on the maturity of players. During the round itself when you’re running around and completing tasks, no one is supposed to speak at all. Anything that anyone has to say must be reserved for the discussion rounds, and if something is really pressing, the player can just call an emergency meeting. This is to keep the game fair; dialogue mid-match can give stuff away and sort of taint the challenge of the murder mystery in one way or the other, deteriorating the quality of the game. It’s hard to explain, but it makes sense when you’re actually playing the game. It’s also worth noting that dead players aren’t allowed to talk until the next match. This rule is simpler to explain; dead people don’t speak, and there isn’t a murder mystery when you can just ask a dead person who killed them. Thing is, there’s no in-game enforcement for this. It’s up to the integrity, sportsmanship, and honor of the players themselves to abide by these rules to make the game more fun and interesting.

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Among Us Christmas Us game and game ugly Christmas shirt

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Note that this is also a game of betrayal. As an imposter, your goal is to trick all your friends into thinking your innocent at all costs. This includes lying, throwing accusations at other people to shift the blame away, and sometimes even accusing your own imposter buddy in order to improve your image drastically. Likewise, when you’re a crewmate and the blame starts flying around, sometimes you have to accuse others that you’re suspicious of and question them. I’m a mature adult, and when I play this game with friends of a similar age group to me, this is all in good fun, and no resentment or hard feelings follow us outside of the game or even between matches, but kids are a bit more, how shall I say . . . dramatic. I can imagine that a match between kids would fill up with some drama. One would get upset that they got killed early on a certain number of times in a row, or that they got killed by a certain person they trusted, or that they got wrongfully voted off the ship. As a result, they may take their feelings out on the match by throwing the results by breaking the careful rules about when to talk and not to talk, effectively cheating at the game and ruining it for other people, and it can spiral into “Lord of the Flies” real quick.


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