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“The definition of anxiety is fear of the Premium cat christmas tree merry catmas ugly sweatshirt also I will do this unknown and intolerance of uncertainty,” says Gallagher. Between COVID and the election, we are living in a time of peak uncertainty. “When we don’t know, we feel out of control, which, in turn, makes us feel scared and overwhelmed.” Escaping that spin cycle is about being grounded in the present and, says Coor, leaning heavily on daily routines: “You’re always in a cat-like state of readiness when you don’t know what’s coming. So whatever you can make predictable, do it.”Gallagher has been telling people to end each day with some non-judgmental observation: taking a few moments to consider what went well and what didn’t, then how to recreate more of the former and minimize the latter going forward. But if the anxiety you’re experiencing is paralyzing and you’re struggling, identify that, accept it, and seek out therapy; the virtual model has actually made it more accessible and convenient than ever. “We’re getting inundated and it’s really great,” says Coor. “Because it’s OK to not be OK. It makes sense that you’re not OK, it’s perfectly normal that you’re not OK.”

Premium cat christmas tree merry catmas ugly sweatshirt

Unsettling push notifications from CNN. An influx of pressing work emails. 97 unread texts from your friend group chat. None of these things should be the Premium cat christmas tree merry catmas ugly sweatshirt also I will do this last thing you see at night, nor the first thing you lay your eyes on in the morning. And despite this very obvious truth and the fact that excessive screen time has been linked to exacerbating just about every mental and physical health condition that besets us, smartphone addiction is a stark reality for many—if not most. And with daylight saving time newly ended, it’s crucial to acknowledge that sleeping in the same room as our smartphone, as well as using it as an alarm to wake up, is an acute part of the problem.For starters, screen time has a direct impact on our production of melatonin, otherwise known as the hormone of darkness, which is produced in the brain’s pineal glands and requires—you guessed it—darkness to work its magic and induce sleepiness. “Melatonin doesn’t like light, especially the blue light emitted by electronics,” explains Shelby Harris, Psy.D., a behavioral sleep-medicine specialist, adding that nighttime exposure can disrupt your circadian rhythm (the body’s internal clock), which not only compromises the quantity and quality of sleep, but can also disrupt everything from the body’s digestive system to fluctuating hormonal levels.

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