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I was working for this company about 9 years ago. It was a shady company that never seemed to be paying certain deductions out of our salary to the government like it was supposed to. I didn’t exactly mind at the time as I was broke. Some supervisors even had a way to put added funds on your paycheck (basically embezzlement because these were funds you had not earned) but wanted a full 50% of what they added. I was never that bold because I feared prison plus I thought they were really greedy to want to split it 50/50 but there’s no honor amongst thieves or however the story goes. Anyway, there was this HR manager that was really arrogant and liked to lecture people. People weren’t fond of her as she played favorites with certain employees and was just loud and obnoxious in general. We had a tiny department that was furloughed for a while. Anyway they came back after some time and apparently two employees were talking.

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One was going to buy an expensive cake. The other employee was joking and calling her a big spender. This brought a response from the first girl along the lines of “Hey cheapskate, you just got paid, are you so cheap you look at this small treat as a luxury?” The second girl was surprised as she revealed she hadn’t gotten paid in about 2 months. This simple conversation lead to the HR manager being fired. It was discovered that the HR manager had access to the payroll department and would just transfer the salary of all the workers in that department to herself somehow but she took the money from all except for that one girl. The other employees who didn’t get paid wanted to know how she got paid and they didn’t. She wanted to leave them with the impression that they wouldn’t be getting paid during the furlough. It was a sketchy company so communication was really poor.

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