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When it comes to drug possession, it’s communities of color who have been overwhelmingly and disproportionately targeted by law enforcement, and who have experienced the Premium cat christmas tree merry catmas ugly sweatshirt and I love this most profound and enduring consequences of drug criminalization. Frederique explains that those consequences—from loss of employment and housing to denial of federal financial aid for college, nutritional assistance, or immigration status—may occur regardless of whether someone is convicted or incarcerated. “The drug war has always been used as a way to hold these communities down,” she says. “Drugs are the number one way these communities come in contact with the law. As we reckon with racism and policing, policies like Measure 110 are the way we begin to eliminate those initial points of contact and reduce systemic racism within the criminal justice system and more broadly.”The many members of law enforcement that Alterman regularly talks to recognize that better drug-policy laws will benefit them both professionally and personally. “Police and firefighters have some of the highest rates of PTSD, and it’s a huge disservice to them that they’re not given access to cannabis as a means of healing,” she adds. Broader moves toward legalization of cannabis are coming at a time when more and more people are turning to it as a healing modality. “We know from studies that upwards of 60% of recreational consumers are in fact purchasing cannabis to ease legitimate health concerns like pain, anxiety, and insomnia,” says cofounder of the Cannabis Advisory Group Jackie Cornell. Continued research by institutions like Johns Hopkins, London’s Imperial College, and MAPS are revealing that psychedelic drugs like MDMA and psilocybin have profound medicinal potential. “Plos One just put out a study showing that third-party payers are likely to save money within three years by covering MDMA therapy for severe PTSD, so it also makes financial sense to allow access to psychedelics,” says Alterman. Author and psychedelic activist Bett Williams sees the psychedelic drug movement just continuing to gain momentum. “The fact that psilocybin measures in both Oregon and D.C. passed in an election cycle marked by partisan vitriol proves that discussion around decriminalizing these entheogenic plants can bring the most unlikely people together,” she adds.As Republicans appear to be clinging to a Senate majority, the coming together of unlikely people will be a necessity to impact the conversation around cannabis at the federal level, where it remains classified as illegal. A September vote on the landmark Marijuana Opportunity and Reinvestment Act (MORE), which would permanently remove it from the Controlled Substances Act, was delayed, but the hope is that the success of these state-level ballot measures will reinforce the urgency. “Before the election, when the House vote on the bill was delayed, we were assured by leadership it would be rescheduled and passed right after the election,” explains Frederique. “Now it’s up to us to hold legislators accountable if the outcome of these votes don’t.”

Premium cat christmas tree merry catmas ugly sweatshirt

This past week on Instagram was filled with reminders to relax. For starters, Tracee Ellis Ross led her followers through a much-needed guided breathwork session. “Breathe Premium cat christmas tree merry catmas ugly sweatshirt and I love this as we allow every vote to be counted,” she wrote. “Breathe. Be Patient. Be where you are. Feel it all.” Meanwhile, Sean Brown gave us a mood-boosting shower tip: “I define self-care as flowers for the shower.” Similarly, Emily Weiss reminded us that a little bath therapy never hurts. Then Keri Shahidi enjoyed a different type of therapy: a mandatory dance break.When it came to glam, Anaa Saber embraced swipes of rouge on the lids, lips, and cheeks; the combination pairing nicely with sleek, middle-parted hair. Additionally, nail artist Mei Kawajiri served up a “computer hands” manicure for artist Yesh, while Guido Palau showed off another hair test; this time showcasing fluffy curls and waves on model Ombeline. Speaking of curls, Adut Akech rocked cornrows that cascaded into a billow of her spirals.amily time was on the list of priorities this past week too. Ashley Graham gave us a look inside her outdoor birthday excursion, while glowing duo Vernon Francois and his daughter, Xéla, sent everyone an abundance of love and light to start the week off right.

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