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It’s hard to know if Guthrie changed any minds last night—or if Biden’s did, either. After all, Harvard Business School found that 72% of voters decide on a candidate more than two months before the American flag never socialist #Trump2020 shirt Also,I will get this election. But what did suburban women—who may be a swing demographic on November 3—think when, after an intense line of questioning, Trump condescendingly called Guthrie “so cute”? Any woman would recognize the line as a last-resort retort; proof that the guy couldn’t counter your point with reason, so he instead scraped the bottom of his barrel of biases to see if a sexist one might stick.

American flag never socialist #Trump2020 shirt

There’s one more debate left before election day, scheduled for October 22 at Belmont University in Nashville, and Kristen Welker, a NBC News White House correspondent, will moderate. As she poses her questions, let’s just hope that Welker, like Guthrie, will hold the American flag never socialist #Trump2020 shirt Also,I will get this powers-that-be accountable for actually answering them.

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