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I can remember I was driving with my now ex husband and I was trying to tell him how I felt. I told him that although I loved him, I was not in-love with him and he automatically told me to pull over because he was walking home. It was like he was a toddler and didn’t want to discuss anything. I didn’t tell him that I was fully on to the abuse until the day I served him with divorce papers. he had the audacity to look up emotional abuse and when he saw what it can cause, it was like his face was a lightbulb. He seemed to be gloating. The first time I told him I wanted a divorce, he was deployed and I felt safer telling him when he was over 1k miles away from me. First he literally slammed the receiver in my ear. Then the emails started full of anger and sarcastic apologies in which he told me that I would be the one to work on or marriage and if I didn’t he would ensure I never saw our girls again. 

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The next email told me that my father could bring the girls to pick him up (my dad doesn’t even like my ex) but he didn’t want me at the house at all. I was to be gone. The third was a hoover email telling me we needed a date night. This sequence of emails came in a span of about an hour and a half. Anger, Manipulation, Scare Tactics, Love Bombing/Hoovering, Acting like they agree and then if you go through a divorce Slander, Lies, fear mongering. It’s a huge gambit that doesn’t stop. He threatens to take me to court at every turn if our daughter tries to stand up for herself (he think’s it’s disrespectful) and blames me then says he will push for full custody of our youngest.

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