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Even if your rabbit doesn’t let you pet them or pick them up at all Super Power Rangers ugly Christmas shirt, would you still be willing to patiently and persistently keep trying every day? I got lucky with two friendly and trusting baby bunnies, but that may not always be the case. Mentally you should be prepared to spend weeks, months, even years trying to win their affection. It would be irresponsible to dump them in the wild just because they didn’t show you love after a certain amount of time. With rabbits, patience is key. And when it pays off, the payoff is great. Rabbits do not respond to discipline like dogs do, and as they have an extremely good memory if you hit them even once they may hold it against you for a very long time. They will distrust you. Remember, it’s not the rabbits fault that they love peeing on your sofa and destroying your charger cables – it’s your fault for not supervising them or not bunny-proofing the area. Think of them as mini-tornados and remove everything that might wind up damaged.

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Super Power Rangers ugly Christmas shirt

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This is a crucial point to confirm beforehand as many don’t even know they’re allergic. I didn’t either until I realized I was sneezing whenever I was around them. Rabbit allergies seem to be common for people with cat allergies as they are both animals that regularly groom themselves, and their dried saliva forms fine powder that irritates our systems. I have had intense cat allergies all my life. I once petted cats for 30 minutes and ended up with a blistering red rash all over my face and body, so I feared I might have to give away my bunnies. Fortunately I developed immunity in a mere two weeks (is this the power of love?), but since everyone may not, I recommend first going to a shelter and spending time with bunnies to see if they cause you any discomfort. If you’re only going to have time to change their litterbox and give them food, being a bunny owner is quickly going to become more of a chore than anything else. Since rabbits are very social creatures that crave frequent skinship and affection, they will become sad and lonely if they are left to their own demise for the whole day.


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