Oh Sushi tree Merry Christmas shirt

Immigrants have always helped the US. Many of our best Oh Sushi tree Merry Christmas shirt and brightest came to the US for opportunity to do things they could not do in their home country. If we were to send Illegals back home, deport refugees that have long overstayed the crisis they fled here from and slash guest worker programs, we could easily bring a million or so people into the US. The big issue is the politics. Right now instead of screening people by their desire to be Americans, they are screened by education, income, quotas are set for nationalities, all very politically charged as the DNC in particular uses immigration as a sort of recruiting base rather than looking for people who’ll enrich the nation. So a better way is to save most of the spots for spouses and family members of US citizens and go out and actively recruit people whom would adopt American values, would learn English, and make America their first love. There are millions around the world who’d love to come here, be part of this great country and pursue the American dream.

Oh Sushi tree Christmas shirt

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