Merry Christmas Gnomies shirt

So Merry Christmas Gnomies shirt maybe trump is exercising his right to silence because he now sees how difficult it is to actually speak the words of any argument in court where under oath when lying is considered criminal. He’ll quit challenging the fact that he is the loser of this election when the donations quit coming in. You might also like to note that trump’s election appeal fund does not actually fund any election appeals because those donations will find their way into his pocket instead. There’s no way America will have trump back in the White House ever again. He’s toasted toast! So there I was, covering-off in the Electrical Department, because the guy who was supposed to be there had just been terminated. I’m just finished dealing with one customer, when another customer appeared before me.

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Merry Christmas Gnomies shirt

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I need to add, this particular piece of excrement would come into the store quite frequently, and ask the most unusual questions, and when he got the answer he was looking for, he would berate the employee. And of course, the SHITBAG management team would do nothing about it, because they were all looking for their next promotion and raise, and if they received any complaints, it would jeopardize their incentive perks and packages. I will not be shaking my head in embarrassment before the rest of the world anymore, I will not be humiliated by his revolting manners and his lack of respect for democracy and for loyal and dedicated public servants. The relief I feel is euphoric. I was shopping yesterday and I’m a naturally outgoing extroverted person and the people I met in passing were joyful for the first time in years.

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