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Below, Kimora, Ming, and Aoki share how they’re practicing wellness during the Official say hello to barber shirt moreover I will buy this pandemic, as well as their go-to hair care (using ingredients you can find in your kitchen).Aoki: Essential oils are amazing and a huge part of my routine, especially when falling asleep. They also help me get out of bed. So to be able to bring my love for essential oils to Ethereal was really amazing.I love things that have a dual purpose. I used to be the person with that one giant castile soap that I’d use on my face, hair, and body. Ming showed me the importance of adding vitamin-C serums and moisturizers, but I’m still an all-in-one person.Kimora: Complex. I like all my serums and things, and I think my favorite product is the lip gloss. I also wear the spray every day, because I like things that I can reapply throughout the day, and it’s not too heavy. I like to feel feminine and sexy.

Official say hello to barber shirt

Ming: I love Briogeo. It’s a Black-owned hair brand. They have a curly line, which is absolutely myOfficial say hello to barber shirt moreover I will buy this favorite, and they have oil, which helps repair damage.Aoki: I love castor oil. And then I love to put a couple drops of essential oil for that pretty floral scent. But castor oil is wonderful. It puts a nice, clean [protective] barrier on your hair and it makes your hair grow.Kimora: I love to use olive oil as a deep-conditioning treatment. You can get it in your kitchen. You can heat up a hot towel and put it in your wet hair. We all have curly hair, so we try to condition it and tame our ends, and keep it from drying out or breaking off.Aoki: I’ve been doing yoga and sometimes I run. A huge part of self-care for me is reading. I just organized my personal library. I’ve been collecting books my whole life, so I’ve had a comfort thing over novels already. I’ve been doing some ballet. I love to journal as well.

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