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They wont do things to pelase the loved ones unless they are part of it to enjoy. In my family, the narcissist father planned the holidays for our son taking us to the Butlins but he himself enjoyed stopping there as I cooked every for him while staying there, he sat and smoked, watch TV and enjoyed foods he likes. When we asked him to come with us to Disneyland, he did not because its too much for him to make efforts where he would not enjoy visiting or staying. The new guy at work , fresh outta high school, was a good hard worker. He was always neatly dressed , didn’t complain, polite, an all around nice kid. We were from the same little area so we spoke a lot and had common friends. He was saving up to buy his dream car, a PT cruiser. He was so proud the day he brought it to work. He parked in the area reserved for office personnel. That was a no-no and was a well respected rule.

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Once he showed up there he got out and was inviting co- workers to view his new buy. I was not there at the time. I’m not sure if anyone had mentioned the rule but it seemed almost common sense as well as common knowledge. So as I walked in to start my evening shift I wondered where he was. He had told me he was going to be picking up his new car and couldn’t wait for me to see it. As I asked around the picture became clear as to what happened and why “Joey“ wasn’t there. It seems that after Joey showed off his vehicle he learned the spot usually occupied, (although they’re unassigned), by that person was on vacation and Joey took Liberty with the spot.

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