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We’d a young guy from I think from the southwest who somehow wound up with an interview slot in what was a specialized, highly competitive position that he found he couldn’t even fill as he wasn’t qualified and legal and other requirements mandated the qualifications. He’d absolutely NO experience in the field. I think this was a matter of computers, lists, and a name being placed on the wrong list. He came in and explained the error. He didn’t want to waste our time, but he suggested that he wanted to work for the department, and if we didn’t mind, he’d be grateful if he could even sit through an abbreviated interview which might help him in his entry level interview as he’d little interview experience.

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Surprisingly, my peers were game for this, as was I. I think it was his earnest honesty and enthusiasm. Both parties, the interviewers and interviewees know this was a mere exercise, skill practicing with no bearing on the hiring decision. Well, without experience, he did damn well. I’d created the questions and what astonished me was he rather rapidly identified what I was looking for, someone who was a team player, yet willing to show initiative. Familiar with policy, willing to make the hard choices and most importantly to me, but not my peers, someone who would steadily advance, likely past me, the supervisor for the position.

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