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She was walking from a Santa I got ho’s in different area Christmas ugly shirt fraternity house where they had a movie night. She had to walk about a half mile to get back to her apartment. While walking on the sidewalk, a man approached her from behind and started waking with her. He began small talk with her but she knew she was in danger. She began memorizing his features as she continued walking. As they got to a darkened area, he grabbed her and drug her into a yard while climbing on top of her. She was trying to fight him off when car lights came into the area. The man saw the lights and took off running. She jumped up and ran three blocks to the police department.

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She gave a remarkable description of the man, including a detailed description of the tattoo on his left arm. My Sargent and I listened as unbelievably she described a man I had issued a disorderly conduct ticket to at 2AM at one of the local bars. I was even able to pull up previous arrest photos that showed the tattoo she described. After picking his photo out of a lineup, he was arrested for abduction. The case goes to trial and he has a public defender. Prosecution presents its case. Defense calls for a dismissal saying prosecution hasn’t proven its case. Judge calls a recess and a half hour later dismisses the case saying the law for abduction wasn’t clear. The judge claimed the victim wasn’t held long enough to be abducted although there is no minimum time requirement. To say I was pissed at the judge’s ruling is an understatement. After the courtroom was cleared, I was in the hallway with the prosecutor.

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