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But, as Owens told Frontline, Joe Biden had to deal with an unimaginable loss in his own way. “At nighttime, when you closed the Deadpool in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on ugly Christmas sweater and I love this door, he was still alone, and a widower and a single dad, no matter all the help,” she recalled. “And our friends were wonderful. The state of Delaware was wonderful. But it was a very horrible, horrible time.”Later, in the midst of a successful career in the Senate, and after meeting and marrying Jill Jacobs, soon to be the first lady, Biden decided to run for president in 1988 and challenge the then vice president George H. W. Bush. Valerie was his campaign manager, one of the first women to run the campaign of a major presidential candidate. “He was a strong, solid voice for the Democratic Party,” Owens told Frontline. “People liked him. They wanted to hear what he had to say.”

Deadpool in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on ugly Christmas sweater

But the Deadpool in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on ugly Christmas sweater and I love this campaign was derailed when Biden was found to have plagiarized a speech by Neil Kinnock, a British politician. He dropped out and returned to the Senate. In 2008, he tried for the presidency again, again with Owens as his campaign manager, but dropped out after a dismal showing in Iowa, ultimately becoming Barack Obama’s running mate and then two-term vice president.This year’s presidential campaign was run by Jen O’Malley Dillon—“This is the first time I haven’t managed the campaign, and, I want to tell you, it’s damn frustrating!” Owens reportedly joked at one campaign stop earlier this year—but Biden’s only sister remained a trusted, hands-on adviser.“Val’s been there—beginning, middle, and end; morning, noon, and night,” Senator Christopher Coons (D-Del.), who now holds Biden’s old Senate seat and is a longtime family friend, told The Washington Post earlier this year. “She respects and admires him, and she helps him be his best self. But she can also look him in the eye and say, ‘Don’t do this.’ She can tell him the stuff that nobody wants to hear. Because you can’t fire your sister.”A Dr. Martens black lace-up boot is a timeless classic with staying power similar to that of a Converse sneaker or a Birkenstock sandal. It only gets better with age. The grungy boot is a go-to among celebrities—everyone from Bella Hadid to Diane Kruger. Even Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s grand-nieces count as fans: The two were seen holding hands with Madame Vice President after her victory speech this past Saturday while wearing white versions with black laces. And while the original Dr. Martens 1460 lace-up is a super-durable option for all seasons and occasions, the faux-fur-lined offerings for the winter season should not be overlooked. With an overwhelming amount of trendy and expensive winter-boot options on the market each season, there’s really no going wrong by sticking to a reliable classic that costs a fraction of the price. Plus, since these boots are winter-fied versions of the classic and a familiar silhouette, they’ll seamlessly fit in with the rest of your winter wardrobe, and it won’t feel like you’re wearing a clunky or ugly snow boot. The shoe comes in the signature Dr. Martens black grain leather and top stitching as well as a worn-in-looking brown. At $160, a pair would make a great addition to your own winter footwear rotation or a cozy gift for a family member this holiday season. The fuzzy, faux-fur interior will be sure to keep your feet warm and toasty all winter long, while the exterior was designed to withstand the season’s unpredictable elements. The best part? Dr. Martens have a reputation for lasting, well, forever and here’s proof—albeit no shearling lining, my mom still wears the same pair she bought in college. Talk about cost per wear. Practical, timeless, and better with age, these faux-fur-lined Dr. Martens winter boots feel like a steal for more reasons than one. Between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the, uh, attempted coup being perpetrated by ranking Republicans in the U.S., it is—to put it mildly—not the most chill time to be a sentient human being. When I’m not doomscrolling for the latest-breaking political news, I’m frantically Googling “COVID versus cold symptoms,” and it’s all weighing a bit more heavily as the days get shorter and the temperature continues to drop.All of that might help explain why, when I saw that brand-new photos had come out of cast members from the Gossip Girl reboot lounging insouciantly on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I felt like Christmas had come early.The long-awaited reboot, which stars Emily Alyn Lind, Tavi Gevinson, Thomas Doherty, Adam Chanler-Berat, and Zión Moreno, is certainly shaping up to be more racially and ethnically diverse than its predecessor—although, to be fair, that wouldn’t be a particularly difficult goal to accomplish.The essential je ne sais quoi of the show, though, appears to remain intact; as I analyze the recently surfaced cast photos, I can only imagine this group of attractive young people being extremely mean to me if I happened to be on the C train with them (not, of course, that any of the OG Gossip Girl crew would have done something as grossly quotidian as riding the subway).Is a brand-new season of a rebooted CW show going to fix any of the problems going on in the world? Absolutely not, but it might provide many of us with a brief return to a time when the only thing we had to worry about was whether Serena actually killed that guy.Adjust your berets and dig your Picasso-style striped shirts out of the back of the closet, because the smash-hit Netflix series Emily in Paris is coming back for a second season.While we—okay, I—have criticized elements of the show in the past (most notably its off-putting fatphobia), it’s still thrilling to hear that we’ll be getting a whole new season of Emily’s Parisian romps to binge-watch; after all, who among us is too good for the sugary-sweet escapism of a Darren Star production?Season two of Emily in Paris likely won’t hit Netflix for a good long while, given the restrictions that COVID-19 has placed on many TV and film productions, but if you’re craving more Paris-inflected fish-out-of-water stories in the meantime, there’s plenty of fare out there for you. Below, find a list of the best TV shows and movies about Americans succumbing to the siren call of Paris.

Deadpool in a red suit with a lap worth sitting on ugly Christmas sweater hoodie


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