I don’t always play video games sometimes I eat and sleep and once I even left my room shirt

If you want a healthy drink in the morning which really wakes you up I don’t always play video games sometimes I eat and sleep and once I even left my room shirt but is not coffee, mix raw cocao with coconut sugar, Maca and Lacuma superfood powder along with coconut or almond milk add a few drops of ginseng and finish off with some bee pollen and you will literally be buzzing all day. People are constantly meeting up at their favorite local coffee shop to share stories, share opinions, laughs and ideas. This book was inspired by what I constantly found myself sharing with others, whether it was coaching to a friend, advice for a student or simply something I couldn’t wait share with my wife for pillow talk. As I’ve gotten feedback on these ideas, many people have loved them and I have loved sharing them. These ideas have helped me flip conventional wisdom I’ve taken over the years, and brought me to living and leading rather than surviving and following. What idea will dump some of the conventions you didn’t know you could leave, and try new thoughts, take new actions and live a new experience?

I don’t always play video games sometimes I eat and sleep and once I even left my room shirt

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Until I was married, and moved out of my parent’s house, I was still drinking both tea and coffee. My Dad made the best coffee, and he always liked cup of tea in the afternoon. Before I met my husband, I joined a local rescue squad, became an EMT, and started on the road to a career in Emergency Medical Services. I became an instructor and soon contracted with my county Fire Department to provide EMT training classes for their firefighters. This required me to travel to different fire stations in the county on a regular basis. The coffee, at some stations, was ok (never great), but at others it was like drinking diesel fuel (or worse), and pretty soon, the only coffee I was drinking was when I would visit my Dad. My husband made (and still does make) his own coffee. Pretty soon, I converted entirely to tea. I had a small teapot, cup, and a supply of tea (loose leaf) in a bag to carry with me. I take my tea with sugar only, so I don’t have to deal with artificial creamers.

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