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There are two kinds of people in the world–people who make lists The Great American State of Texas shirt, and people who snoop through other people’s personal papers to find stuff that maybe they weren’t intended to read in the first place. But I can consult my lists and tell you when the last major storm came through and what damage it did to the garden, or when each of my animals had its most recent rabies shot. The primary reason is that the two dominant parties will do everything in their power to prevent it. It becomes much like “electioneering” in that the special interests who control the two parties will spend, spend, and spend some more, in order to maintain their control and dominance. The lack of interest in voting is a chicken and egg problem that can only be addressed through a state initiative process to restore meaningful participation on the part of the people. Such a process will take extreme dedication among true republicans, where true republicans are those that want truly representative form of government. There is no room in such an effort for Republican versus Democrat, or progressive versus conservative. The members of the coalition to gather signatures for a ballot initiative must be dedicated to “government of, by, and for the people”, and that means ALL of the people.

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The Great American State of Texas shirt

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Is there such a coalition at present in any state? I am hopeful that the videos being produced about this problem will raise enough interest among the organizer people (a special breed of human that wants to be evangelical and to Sheppard a flock) to create significant coalitions. There is only one real, meaningful, example of where this has happened, where mathematical theorems were overturned. I am excluding stupid mistakes, like Kempe’s mistaken proof of the four color theorem. These proofs made a huge stink, because, although they were formally correct in the axiom system, many people still just couldn’t believe the object asserted to exist really existed in any Platonic sense of the word regarding the actual continuum as we know it. The fact that the proofs went through in the axiom systems didn’t help persuade the skeptics at all, because the axiomatic method included a method to choose uncountably many things simultaneously arbitrarily, and really, the intuition that these were false outweighed the axiomatic system in many people’s intuition.


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