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It’s always had a cult following—internet forums were buzzing about it in the Love Grinch #3rdGrade Teacher Christmas shirt Apart from…,I will love this ’90s—and now you’ve probably seen splices of the animation pop up on Instagram. The most famous clip is of long tongues interlocking and a fly getting struggling in Aeon’s eyelashes. Most recently Bella Hadid wore a vintage shirt with the image of Aeon on it.

Love Grinch #3rdGrade Teacher Christmas shirt

It makes sense that Aeon’s outfit is still popping up on social media and beyond, albeit randomly: While the Love Grinch #3rdGrade Teacher Christmas shirt Apart from…,I will love this series is set in a ransacked, dystopian universe, the clothing seems very modern. It’s also not completely far from what Hadid herself is wearing these days. Aeon’s signature is typically a long-sleeve crop top in a dark shade of purple. (In it, her chest defies gravity and is always, well, pointing straight ahead with a purpose, just like Aeon herself.) Some details about her look are vaguely dominatrix-y, like an O-ring affixed to the middle section of her signature crop top, and she wears hiked-up thong underwear and shin-length boots that look so tight they could be peeled off. We’ve seen nods to this style on recent runways too, including Versace, Junya Watanabe, and Saint Laurent.

Love Grinch #3rdGrade Teacher Christmas s hoodie


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