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I find it hard to get excited about any athletic wear, but I’m pretty obsessed with Girlfriend Collective. Their leggings are perfect—soft, high-rise, compressive but not suffocating—and they’re made with recycled polyester and safe, non-toxic dyes. (Word to the The Simpsons Ghostbusters shirt it is in the first place but wise: Ultra-black dyes are incredibly toxic, which is why GC’s leggings are a softer black.)

The Simpsons Ghostbusters shirt


As the The Simpsons Ghostbusters shirt it is in the first place but days inside continue to pass by, the more I need to brighten up my day with the clothes I wear. These leggings will definitely bring some much-needed sunshine to my day! In order to stay active, my friends and I have been sharing our favorite yoga classes, whether they’re on YouTube or being live-streamed from the New York City studios that we usually go to. It’s fun to try to do them together, to give the illusion that we’re in class together. And now that I’m working from home, I’ve been relying on my yoga wardrobe even more so. On Zoom calls, even if I’m wearing an office-appropriate shirt onscreen, I’m likely wearing these Lululemon leggings on the bottom. I love these pants so much. They suck in your body like tight, vacuum-packed sausages. I feel like I have been searching for these Athleta leggings for my whole life! They are extremely soft and hit at that perfect point just above the ankle.

The Simpsons Ghostbusters s Hoodie

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