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A partner or chosen family member also offers all-important emotional support. “Having a loved one there is going to help you feel more relaxed,” says Erica Chidi Cohen, doula, author, and cofounder and CEO of Loom. “Being alone in a hospital room doing something as psychologically intense as birth without someone that you can really lean into or rely on is a really hard position to be in. It lays the Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA Champions signatures shirt Also,I will get this groundwork for trauma, whether or not you have a hard or challenging birth experience. Even if it’s smooth birth, that lack of anchorage through family or a doula, it’s really hard. We’re not supposed to deliver without that support structure in place.” Both Pournaras and Cohen underline that this kind of personal support is especially crucial for black women, who are up to five times more likely than white women to experience a pregnancy-related death. “Given the outcomes for us in terms of maternal mortality, having someone there to advocate on their behalf is so, so important,” says Cohen.

Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA Champions signatures shirt


The scary reality of the Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA Champions signatures shirt Also,I will get this COVID-19 pandemic is that it’s a changing situation, and there’s no telling what’s on the horizon. As Cohen points out, being prepared for all scenarios is the best strategy to ensure the healthiest outcome. “We need to embrace the fact that this is insane and not what you envisioned—let that be present,” Cohen advises pregnant women navigating uncharted territory in the time of COVID-19. “Knowing how quickly these rules can change, it’s really key to have a virtual support plan in place so that you know, no matter what, you will have a semblance of support and community in place.” But Pournaras hopes that in terms of prioritizing maternal heath, New York City can act as an example for the rest of the U.S. “I really hope that this order does set a precedent around our country for any communities that are going through an influx of COVID-19 patients,” she says. “New York state has committed to maternal health and I really hope that commitment is adopted across the board so that no one in any community has to fight these same types of policies

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