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Continuous support means having a person with you the Weirdest Year In History Vote 2020 Shirt also I will do this entire time, and nurses cannot be that person because they are, by definition of their job, incapable of spending 100% of the time in the room with you,” explains Pournaras. “For people that don’t have continuous support, trauma, interventions, and a feeling of being dissatisfied with your birthing process are all more likely. Collectively, this can increase the burden on our very overtapped hospital system, especially in this crisis.”

Weirdest Year In History Vote 2020 Shirt


A partner or chosen family member also offers all-important emotional support. “Having a loved one there is going to help you feel more relaxed,” says Erica Chidi Cohen, doula, author, and cofounder and CEO of Loom. “Being alone in a hospital room doing something as psychologically intense as birth without someone that you can really lean into or rely on is a really hard position to be in. It lays the Weirdest Year In History Vote 2020 Shirt also I will do this groundwork for trauma, whether or not you have a hard or challenging birth experience. Even if it’s smooth birth, that lack of anchorage through family or a doula, it’s really hard. We’re not supposed to deliver without that support structure in place.” Both Pournaras and Cohen underline that this kind of personal support is especially crucial for black women, who are up to five times more likely than white women to experience a pregnancy-related death. “Given the outcomes for us in terms of maternal mortality, having someone there to advocate on their behalf is so, so important,” says Cohen.

Weirdest Year In History Vote 2020 Shirt Hoodie

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